Hi. Is there a way to get more detailed error mess...
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Hi. Is there a way to get more detailed error message. I am getting
failed to load test suite: failed to unmarshal JSON: proto: syntax error (line 1:183): unexpected token {
and I am sure I made some mistake in yaml file (I have validated it and it is valid yaml) and I am sure it is not going to be last time, so I am looking for a way to get a sense of what is wrong. I am running
docker run -it -v (pwd)/policies:/policies -v (pwd)/tests:/tests <http://ghcr.io/cerbos/cerbos:latest|ghcr.io/cerbos/cerbos:latest> compile /policies --tests /tests --verbose
. Thanks.
I found what was the concrete problem (I didn’t make
a list), but original question still stands. Additionally - is there a schema for test files? I have configured one for policies, but I am not aware of one for test files.
Hi. Yes, this is an area we want to improve and provide better error messages. It's still in the works though. You can find the schema for the test suites at https://api.cerbos.dev/latest/cerbos/policy/v1/TestSuite.schema.json and you should be able to use it with schema-aware editors like VSCode to validate your files. We have some documentation on that here: https://docs.cerbos.dev/cerbos/latest/policies/authoring_tips.html#_editing_policies
@Charith (Cerbos) ah, great, thanks for the link for TestSuite schema, I did not see it on documentation page (I did set up VS code for policies). This greatly helps 🙂 .
Looking forward to better error messages 🙂 .
From error message, it seems to me that yaml is compiled to JSON. Is that true? Is there a way to see JSON that is generated from YAML somehow?
Well, actually the YAML gets converted to protobufs via JSON. We don't currently have a way to output the intermediate representation. You can use a tool like
to convert YAML to JSON and vice versa if that's useful.