Hi All, I have run into an issue using js sdk on F...
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Hi All, I have run into an issue using js sdk on Firefox (but works perfectly fine with Chrome). Here is the setup: 1. Cerbos running in docker 2. Web app makes a request:
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const cerbos = new HTTP(`}`);
const result = await cerbos.checkResources({
        principal: principal,
        resources: resources
Like I said, this works on Chrome but blows up on Fierfox with CORS Missing Allow Origin I tested default docker image and custom config where I specify CORS, both results are same
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  httpListenAddr: ":3592"
  grpcListenAddr: ":3593"

  defaultPolicyVersion: "default"

    disableVerification: true

  driver: "disk"
    directory: "/policies"
    watchForChanges: true

cors: # CORS defines the CORS configuration for the server.
    allowedHeaders: ['content-type'] # AllowedHeaders is the contents of the allowed-headers header.
    allowedOrigins: ['*'] # AllowedOrigins is the contents of the allowed-origins header.
    disabled: false # Disabled sets whether CORS is disabled.
    maxAge: 10s # MaxAge is the max age of the CORS preflight check.