Hi, i tried some add, update, disable policy opera...
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Hi, i tried some add, update, disable policy operations. policies are creating, updating and listing successfully but when i tried to disable the policy i am not sure its disabling or not. it is giving success message but in policy table disabled field is still showing 0 after calling the disable api. i tried to disable the human-resource-update policy but its not showing any change
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func (a Adapter) DeletePolicy(ctx context.Context, in *cerbospb.DeletePolicyPayload) (*cerbospb.DeletePolicyResponse, error) {

    _, err := a.cerbosClient.CerbosAdminClient.DisablePolicy(context.Background(), in.Id)
    if err != nil {
        log.Printf("failed to disable policy: %s", err)
        if statusError, ok := status.FromError(err); ok {
            // Extract gRPC status information
            return nil, status.Errorf(statusError.Code(), "failed to disable policy: %s", statusError.Message())
        return nil, status.Errorf(codes.Internal, "failed to disable policy: %s", err)

    return &cerbospb.DeletePolicyResponse{
        Success: true,
    }, nil
Hmm... do you see any error messages in the Cerbos server logs?
What is the ID you passed to the