Hi, Is it possible to have the UI for the Admin AP...
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Hi, Is it possible to have the UI for the Admin API hidden or disabled somehow (the one available on port 3952)? Thank you
I think I may have an idea, since I am using docker compose.
Hi, I assume you're talking about the OpenAPI explorer. It cannot be disabled. It's simply a graphical view of the Cerbos API that is already available at
anyway. Is there a particular reason why you want to disable it?
I'm just concerned if someone outside of development is aware of the port where this is running, they may be able to access it. Although they wouldn't have the admin credentials, I would prefer if they aren't able to even view or try out the non admin api calls
Well, in order to use the API they'd need to know what policies you have and what attributes to use in the requests etc. They could do that with
too because the HTTP API is on the same port.
If you don't use the HTTP API, you can set the http listener address to
or use a Unix domain socket address so that no one could access it from outside.
All Cerbos SDKs work over gRPC so you can disable the HTTP one if you have no use for it.