Hi, Two queries 1) Can you please give an exampl...
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Hi, Two queries 1) Can you please give an example of incorporating the health-check in docker-compose? Below is not working healthcheck: test: ["CMD", "cerbos", "healthcheck"] interval: 10s timeout: 5s retries: 15 start_period: 30s 2) I have a local Grafana. Is there a grafana JSON template for cerbos, which can be used to capture the Prometheus feed? In the below link I see “Grafana Cloud” mentioned. References: https://docs.cerbos.dev/cerbos/0.14.0/cli/cerbos#healthcheck https://grafana.com/docs/grafana-cloud/monitor-infrastructure/metrics/metrics-prometheus/prometheus-config-examples/the-cerbos-project-cerbos/
Regarding your first question, please check a recent thread here.
For #1, the below worked healthcheck: test: - CMD - /cerbos - healthcheck timeout: 1s interval: 3s retries: 5 start_period: 5s Thanks @Alex Olivier (Cerbos)
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