Hello community <!here> wherever you are! You noti...
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Hello community <!here> wherever you are! You noticed something new? πŸ‘€ Yep, the Cerbos Hub is now in public beta!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Join the beta and help us shape the future of authZ: https://hub.cerbos.cloud You can think of Cerbos Hub as a management interface and policy distribution infrastructure for Cerbos PDP. The Hub simplifies the process of collaboratively authoring, testing and distributing authorization policy updates in real-time even to the edge and end client devices via its WebAssembly extension. It is a stateless, scalable and collaborative solution for teams who want to save time, streamline their workflows and confidently roll out authZ updates. The goal of this launch is to open up the beta of Cerbos Hub to make the deployment and management of authZ everywhere in the stack - including the edge or client devices, possible. We’re inviting you all to try it out! Thanks for helping us get this far, we're looking forward to shaping together the future of authZ. 😁
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For more info on the launch, read this piece.