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Hello Everyone👋, I'm the DevRel Manager at Cerbos.dev, and excited to share the fantastic news with you. We're thrilled to announce the launch of Cerbos Hub: Simplifying Authorization for Developers !!
Extend Policy Decision Point (PDP) with centralized authorization
cerbie Cerbos is excited to announce their public beta launch for Cerbos Hub and two new features to simplify the lives of developers and teams when managing their authorizations! -> Sign up for a free Cerbos Hub account 💥 New feature #1
Embeddable authorization policies via WebAssembly
• Cerbos Hub also provides an embeddable version of the policies that allow for taking authorization decisions on-device, at edge, and in environments where it is not possible to run a service. • The Cerbos Hub CI/CD pipeline will produce bundles, keeping them in sync with your policies on every change. • The access to be facilitated in applications will be via the Cerbos SDKs. And they handle auth checks without needing a roundtrip to the backend service. 🚀 Check out the documentation for more 🚀 💥 New feature #2
Write and test policies in the Cerbos Hub's IDE Collaborative Playground
• For those who are familiar with Cerbos’ open source product, Cerbos PDP, the Cerbos Playground is going to be a familiar concept. • It is an interactive space where users can write, test, and simulate Cerbos policies in real time. • Cerbos Hub now has a full-featured collaborative IDE - Cerbos Hub Playground, to develop, iterate, and test policy. • It comes with instant feedback on changes, It comes with an automated test runner, it integrates into your git-based workflow, Play with the capabilities of Cerbos without any setup or installation with included sample policies. 🚀 Read the documentation for more 🚀 📃Resources📃 • Cerbos Hub - Start for freeCerbos Hub documentation • Join our Slack Community to be in the know of the latest developments • We want to help build or review your first policy. Book a 30-minute free workshop • Cerbos PDP is open source. Feel free to browse or contribute, and don't forget to drop a star 💡️Note: I am here to assist you. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns at #help
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