:mega: Attention all Open Source Contributors and ...
# announcements
📣 Attention all Open Source Contributors and Devs! 📣 We've hit a milestone at Cerbos and we're excited to share the big news with our community. 🎉
are now available as npm packages!
🚀 Gone are the days of managing Docker containers for your authorization needs. With Cerbos directly accessible via
, you can effortlessly integrate it into your projects with a simple ``npx cerbos`` command or by adding it as a script in your
. What’s in it for you? • 🛠️ Smooth integration into your workflows. • 🧾 Verifiable package integrity, giving you peace of mind about the code you use. • 🔒 Enhanced supply-chain security, making your development process safer than ever. This is more than just a release; it’s a step forward in secure and transparent software development. Head over to
to see the new provenance tick and get your hands on the latest from Cerbos. 🔗 Cerbos on npm Keep building amazing things, with trust and security right at your codebase. 🛡️💻
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