Hello, Cerbos community! :blush: Our <https://cerb...
# announcements
Hello, Cerbos community! 😊 Our April newsletter went out a few days ago, and we wanted to share the highlights with you. Since our last update, we’ve released Cerbos PDP v0.35.1, took a deep dive into building secure applications in a collaborative piece with Microsoft Entra, discussed the importance of embracing WebAssembly in authorization, examined authorization APIs, and shared a piece on how Cerbos is designed to redefine how permissions and access control are implemented within applications. Our co-founder, Emre Baran, was featured on the From the Ground Up podcast, sharing insights from his entrepreneurial journey, and the inception of Cerbos. If you’d like to be the first to receive Cerbos updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.
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