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# announcements
Hello, <!channel>! 😊 Our May newsletter went out a few days ago, and we wanted to share the highlights with you. Since our last update, we’ve put together a demo on the enhanced test management capabilities of Cerbos Hub, as well as thorough guides for Next.js and React JS authorization, examined the importance of authorization in transition from monolithic to microservices architecture, and explored the evolution of security post-MVP on The Scripting Den podcast. Join us on May 7th for a webinar featuring our customer, 4G Capital, on the topic of 🔊💻*”Future-proofing fintech security in the age of cloud & microservices”*. If you would like to learn about scaling your business with cloud and microservices, while ensuring stringent data security and audit requirements, and discover how 4G Capital slashed costs by over $260k through strategic modernization of their architecture and authorization strategies - register here. If you’d like to be the first to receive Cerbos updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.
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