Hey folks, is there a java / scala client for Admi...
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Hey folks, is there a java / scala client for Admin HTTP API? we want to use UDS for a communication with a sidecar and I found out that java sdk has only gRPC support for Admin API, which is not working over UDS for java library.
Hi Danylo, the latest version of the Java SDK (v0.13.0) added support for gRPC over UDS, so it should work now 🙂
hey @Andrew Haines (Cerbos) unfortunately I did not have a luck with it created some reproducible test from commit you mentioned https://github.com/sheppardv/cerbos-sdk-java/blob/test-uds/src/test/java/dev/cerbos/sdk/UdsTest.java and I'm getting
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Exception in thread "main" io.grpc.ManagedChannelRegistry$ProviderNotFoundException: io.grpc.netty.shaded.io.grpc.netty.NettyChannelProvider: does not support 1 or more of [class io.grpc.netty.shaded.io.netty.channel.unix.DomainSocketAddress]
	at io.grpc.ManagedChannelRegistry.newChannelBuilder(ManagedChannelRegistry.java:204)
	at io.grpc.ManagedChannelRegistry.newChannelBuilder(ManagedChannelRegistry.java:155)
	at io.grpc.Grpc.newChannelBuilder(Grpc.java:101)
	at dev.cerbos.sdk.CerbosClientBuilder.buildChannel(CerbosClientBuilder.java:99)
	at dev.cerbos.sdk.CerbosClientBuilder.buildBlockingClient(CerbosClientBuilder.java:114)
	at dev.cerbos.sdk.UdsTest.main(UdsTest.java:26)