Hey team, I am evaluating Cerbos. For production e...
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Hey team, I am evaluating Cerbos. For production environment, do you recommend using S3 or RDS Postgres?
Hi @Petra Barus, thanks for your consideration. If your application is going to make dynamic changes to the policies, we recommend a database back end. However, if you think the policies are doing to stay relatively static, then a disk or git based is recommended.
So I am building a digital content e-commerce. When a customer purchase a content, the system will publish the permission to that person. I think that’s considered pretty dynamic, right?
Yes. If you are constantly changing policies based on events like customer purchases, then using a database is probably easier than writing to S3.
With the database, the new policy will be available to Cerbos almost immediately. Whereas, with S3, it will only be picked up during the next polling round.
@Charith (Cerbos) thanks a lot for the answer. How often does the polling happens? Is it configurable? Can we trigger it?
You can configure the polling interval: https://docs.cerbos.dev/cerbos/latest/configuration/storage.html#blob-driver (
). You can also trigger a reload using the Admin API: https://docs.cerbos.dev/cerbos/latest/api/admin_api.html#_reload_store