Did any of you got Azure Devops to work as a https...
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Did any of you got Azure Devops to work as a https based Git driver? We’re hitting ‘error 400’ on ‘git-upload-pack’
Hey - we’re aware of an issue with Azure Devops and the git storage engine that we are tracking here https://github.com/cerbos/cerbos/issues/1279
Awesome that this is logged, we’ll be trying the file based git as an alternative.
That is the recommended work around at the moment I’m afraid. I’ll be sure you ping you once we have an update
We didn’t get the file based git to work eighter. It errored on ‘git resolves to working directory’ or something like that
How are you running Cerbos? Can you share your config file?
We're testing using docker for desktop, mapping a folder with -v ${pwd}. I don't have the complete config at hand with the git error atm. But generally speaking it was: Cerbos (folder being mapped) |_<http://.gi|.gi>t/ |_config.yaml |_polices/policies.yaml Cat config.yaml storage: driver: "git" git: protocol: file url: file://policies/ checkoutDir: ${HOME}/tmp/cerbos/work updatePollInterval: 10s
Because your git root is not in
you have to provide the URL as
and then use
subDir: policies
to tell Cerbos that policies are in that sub directory
Aight, I think we did that as well, but will post the repo if needed
We created a github repo for our testing, that one works as expected