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https://docs.cerbos.dev/cerbos/latest/installation/binary.html how much menory does it use? My hosting env is a centos with docker containers linux. I read linux is considered unstable so this seems a dealbreaker. Linux is the hosting first OS so a bit confused why no stable release there?
Oh that warning is about the deb and rpm packages because we haven't settled on the final layout and capabilities of what the native packages do. Cerbos itself is stable. There are many users, including several large companies, who are using Cerbos in production.
The container is the most common way to deploy Cerbos so I think you should be good.
Okay great i try to install it on my dev machine
There is no remix example available yet i might build one. Can we also have api tokens with expire date and creation of tokens with your project?
Like the api token role based acces would that be in my application layer or in your product.
All data storage could be in prisma if that is our primary db
Cerbos does not issue tokens but it can validate JWTs and use data from the payload when evaluating policies. Its focus is on being the authorization layer for your application. You're free to pick and choose whatever authentication mechanism that works best for you. Our blog contains write-ups explaining how to use Cerbos with most of the popular authentication providers and libraries: https://cerbos.dev/blog/page/1?tag=integration
great I look at it thank you very much Charith
I try the brew formula and see how it goes