To celebrate our anniversary, we’re holding a give...
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To celebrate our anniversary, we’re holding a giveaway! 🎁 Enter for a chance to win Cerbos schwag. To enter, simply answer this question in the thread: If Cerbie was a Marvel superhero, what would its superpower be? We can’t wait to see your creative answers! Thanks again for being a part of the Cerbos community. Here’s to many more years of secure and scalable access control.
Cerbos would have the power to bring gifts of clarity and happiness to those deemed worthy (which is a latent power to know who's been good or bad).
Cerbos would be the strongest gatekeeper, standing in the gap to let the good people pass and keep the baddies out. As valiant as Aragorn, more perceptive than Heimdall, and as wise as Solomon.
Cerbie takes massive buckets of spaghetti and answers questions about said spaghetti, such as "Is this piece of spaghetti even allowed in this bucket?" or "Can this piece of spaghetti drive to Target on the second Tuesday after Easter while wearing a raspberry beret (not purchased at a second-hand store)?" or "Is this even spaghetti?" Cerbies' powers are basically pasta-based.
Cerbos would be the one deciding who is allowed to travel between all of the areas of the Multiverse. Dr. Strange would have a lot of wildcards in his policy document.
Cerbos would be a good judge of character, powers to obliterate those who are deemed not worthy by their attributes . He will be the guardian of the multiverse, brother of the watcher keeping track of everything happening in the multiverse.