Hey, I’ve been actively exploring the capabilities...
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Hey, I’ve been actively exploring the capabilities of Cerbos as an authorization policy engine and have found it to be a powerful solution for access control in cloud-native environments. I’m particularly interested in extending Cerbos to other platforms, specifically the Dart SDK and mobile platforms like iOS and Android. As modern applications continue to expand their reach beyond traditional environments, having support for these platforms could greatly enhance the versatility of Cerbos. I wanted to inquire whether there are any plans or discussions within the Cerbos community regarding the feasibility of integrating Cerbos with the Dart SDK or enabling compatibility with mobile platforms. Such a expansion could potentially open up new avenues for utilizing Cerbos in a broader range of applications. If there are any ongoing discussions, development efforts, or potential roadmaps related to this topic, I would greatly appreciate any insights you could share. Additionally, if there’s a specific channel or resource where I could stay updated on these matters, please do let me know. Thank you for your time and contributions to the Cerbos project. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the potential for expanding Cerbos to accommodate the Dart SDK and mobile platforms.
The way Cerbos is modelled - running as a service - it can be called from any environment which can make a gRPC or HTTP call. Our SDKs ulimately are connivence wrappers around these calls handling things like connection setup and response parsing. Whilst we don't have a Dart SDK today, you can still make the calls to the API directly and get the same functionality. For mobile apps, we would recommend using Cerbos in the backend API layer and returning the permissions along with the data to the apps rather than calling the API directly - but it will depend on your setup.