hi :wave:. I'm looking to start testing my Cerbos ...
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hi 👋. I'm looking to start testing my Cerbos policies. however, I'm running into an unexpected issue. I'm running the following command from the docs to compile the policies:
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docker run -i -t -v policies <http://ghcr.io/cerbos/cerbos:0.32.0|ghcr.io/cerbos/cerbos:0.32.0> compile /policies
and I'm getting the following result:
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Test results

0 tests executed
this is unexpected because I tried to add a compilation error to see if this command would catch it. what could be considered a compilation error? I tried removing required properties, like
from resourcePolicy.
Hey, I think it's because you're not mounting your policy directory into the container. If your policies are in the current directory, the
argument should look like
-v $(pwd):/policies
awesome thank you!