hello folks, I would appreciate any help with depl...
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hello folks, I would appreciate any help with deploying cerbos to heroku, maybe there some articles or something (google search failed me on this one)
Hi Dimitriy, I haven't tried deploying to Heroku personally, but I would try building a Docker image starting with the Cerbos image as a base and adding your policies and
config file. You can then deploy that image using Heroku's `container` stack. Cerbos's config file supports environment variable expansion so that you can for example use
to configure the port to match what Heroku expects.
One caveat is that Cerbos is generally deployed inside a private network so doesn't have any built-in authentication mechanism; I think if you deploy to Heroku like this then anyone will be able to send requests to the Cerbos PDP server over the public internet.
thx, I will try that