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šŸ¤” Simplify Access Control & Reduce Security Vulnerabilities In Node.js, React and Serverless Apps šŸ¤” Find out how Cerbos Hub simplifies access control in Node.js, React, and serverless apps and reduces security vulnerabilities
Maintaining roles, permissions, and authorization policies within your JavaScript front-end and full-stack apps creates technical debt and security vulnerabilities.  What if you need to replicate those same policies in an additional Express.js or Next.js app?  Do you build and maintain separate codebases, creating an even more significant threat?
šŸ‘‹ Join @Alex Olivier (Cerbos), Cerbos Chief Product Officer, and Wesley, presenter of the popular ByteGrad Youtube channel, as they demonstrate how easy it is to author permissions and policy changes using Cerbos and deploy those changes without changing any other code. šŸ”— Join here to register for the webinar šŸš€ šŸ¤Æ In this 45-minute session, you will learn to: ā€¢ Set up a free policy repository on Cerbos Hub and define roles and permissions for your app. ā€¢ Instantly synchronize policy changes across your entire app portfolio - front-end React and Next.js apps, mobile, APIs, and back-end Node.js services. ā€¢ Use WASM libraries to operate and synchronize access control on front-end frameworks like React, across any cloud providers, and in serverless functions and architectures.
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We'll also have live Q&A, so bring your questions! šŸŽ™ļø
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