Cerbos playground doesn’t allow to customised file...
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Cerbos playground doesn’t allow to customised files and folder structure as per wish ? Whenever I click on start from scratch it doesn’t give option to delete existing structure.
Hi @Avinash Dalvi, Yes, it is not possible to delete the top-level directories (
, etc.).
How I can test my customised one.
I tested with local policy container and PDP cerbos workspace one. Wanted to test playground one with my customised policy.
You could separate the directories of your policies in to the same directory structure as the play.cerbos.dev since it is the recommended way of structuring your policies. As an alternative, you could also use the Playground in the Cerbos Hub, which currently supports custom directory structure.
I did same. But that Cerbos hub playground can’t use for testing in code.
That is only for testing purpose.
https://play.cerbos.dev/p/LnQCrZuCzZ660bda75BB9iF2qQdLutza I tried but not working in API. can you help what is wrong here ? I have only resource policy. other folders will be empty.
I got the way through policy generator.
https://play.cerbos.dev/p/urL7ZEEA63d943b1SULSYmYsRSpiuvX8 how this one is customise one?
I think this playground was created with one of the older versions of Playground.
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