Are there any plans on releasing @cerbos/grpc with...
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Are there any plans on releasing @cerbos/grpc with the updated @grpc/grpc-js dependency? I’m not exactly sure bit I think we encounter the following issue with grpc-js@1.10.2 which leads to cerbos calls blocking all requests after some time:
Yep, I'm planning to do a release early next week. But we only specify the minimum version of
) so you shouldn't need to wait for us to do a release - you can bump to the latest without any changes on our side (e.g.
pnpm update @grpc/grpc-js
). A fresh install of
would pull in
Ah good point! After a day of debugging I forgot looking at the dependencies 😵‍💫: it seems that pnpm added the 1.10.2 version as dependency to the lock file about three weeks ago 👀
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