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New Podcast Episode Alert in The Scripting Den!
🌟 Hey everyone! πŸš€ Dive into the latest episode of "*The Scripting Den*" podcast, where @Alex Olivier (Cerbos), Co-Founder and CPO of Cerbos, shares invaluable insights on the evolution of security as products transition from MVP to mature offerings. What to Expect: β€’ Strategies on enhancing security during the scaling phase. β€’ Tips on selecting the right tools to save resources and focus on innovation. β€’ Understanding the importance of scalability and user feedback in product development. β€’ This episode is a treasure trove for developers, product managers, and tech entrepreneurs focused on refining their product post-MVP. Don't miss out on these expert strategies to ensure your product is secure, scalable, and set up for success! 🎧 Listen to the full episode here for a deeper understanding: The Scripting Den Podcast. Happy listening, and let’s discuss our thoughts here! What did you find most valuable? πŸ’­
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