Join us for an exclusive look into Cerbos, the cut...
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Join us for an exclusive look into Cerbos, the cutting-edge authorization technology that’s reshaping how developers, product teams, and security teams implement authorization solutions. 🛡️ 🎙️ Identerati Office Hours Episode 10: Cerbos Deep Dive 📅 Today, 3pm CEST | 9am EDT Our CEO and co-founder, Emre Baran, will guide you through the innovative world of Cerbos. Discover the origins of Cerbos, its core strengths, what sets it apart in the authz landscape, and the visionary path ahead. 💡 What’s in it for you? 1) Understand the Edge: Explore how Cerbos uses YAML over Rego for easier and faster policy definition. 2) Speed and Efficiency: Learn about Cerbos’ stateless PDP architecture that ensures rapid response times without compromising security. 3) Enterprise Ready: Gain insights into the enterprise control plane which is crucial for compliance and scaling in business environments. This session is a must for anyone involved in or interested in authorization technologies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current systems or exploring new solutions, you’ll find valuable insights and practical takeaways. 🔗 Sign up here
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